2 years ago

23 March, 2016


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For many years the snow society has been talked about as the rowdiest club on campus. It's time for that notion to be cemented for all the ages. This will be done the only way we know how...an all out sailor themed pubcrawl across Wollongong city.

Every year fresh Seamen or old stubborn Captains look over the UOWSS ski trip and miss one of the best social experiences uni can offer. This year we are teaming up with the Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG) to give you an entree before the main course. Use this crawl to gauge what the trip will be like, meet the people you'll be sailing with and get buck wild!

ye details:
-Tickets = Sailors hats = $15 sardines each
-There will be five pubs with various drink specials
-There will be games a plenty

Update: Hats are SOLD OUT. You're welcome to still come along and buy a wrist band at Red Square for $10.

The sail route has been annouced as:

*First port 4:00-5:30: We’re visiting the Ruskies at red square. All 144 vodka infusions are 5 sardines and Jugs of Beer only 10!!

*Second port 5:30-7:30: A short sail to the Illa where we’ll be greeted with $4:40 Aussie beers and $4:20 house vodka/bourbon.

*Third port 7:30-8:30: Mooring at Mr Crown who have offered us parched sailor’s $5 beers, house spirits and shots.

*Fourth port 8:30-10:30: The siren of Harp Hotel calls. They have also tempted us with $5 beers, house spirits and shots. Unlimited karaoke and basement tunes.

*Finally we will be dropping anchor and abandoning ship at The Grand Hotel who will graciously welcome us drunken seagulls back to port.

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