2 years ago

15 April, 2016

URAC Oval #2

Organised by:

Ahoy Snowsports Sailors!!

we've proven to the other clubs that we can pub crawl like no other now its time to show them whos the best on the sporting field.

Its the UniCentre Cup in the form of a full day sports face off. The games to be played are
• OzTag
• 5 on 5 Soccer
• Volleyball
• Table Tennis
• Mystery Sport to be announced on the day

Its free to enter and the winner will receive $300 worth of club sponsorship with the runner up winng $200 and the winner of the 3rd place play off winning $100. There is also $100 awarded to the club with the best team spirit and $100 for the club dressed as Sailors (because lets be honest we've got this).

Important Info:
• As long as you're registered as part of the crew sailors are free to come and go according to their schedule. There is NO LIMIT
• Participants will receive FREE snacks, lunch and drinks throughout the day
• We will need at least ten Seamen to remain loyal to the ship throughout the day
• There will be spectator tents set up for anyone to anchor in all day and show support
• All prizes are announced at Unibar 4pm on the day because apparently we needed a reason to go there afterwards.

See you all on oval #2 to claim our cup!