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9 January, 2017


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UNSW Law Society

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Do you want a unique opportunity to shape the nation's foreign, defence and trade policies? Are you a student with a keen interest in and knowledge of international diplomacy and world politics?

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has announced that a new White Paper on Foreign Policy is being released in 2017. This Foreign Policy White Paper aims to provide an outline and philosophical foundation for Australia's foreign policy in the decades ahead. This is an unprecedented and unique development in Australian foreign policy, with the last Foreign Policy White Paper released in 2003 under the Howard Government. As part of its community engagement strategy, DFAT is for the first time ever inviting submissions from the public on key issues that the White Paper will address.

The UNSW Law Society will be making a submission to DFAT on the Foreign Policy White Paper, and we are in turn inviting all interested students to apply to be part of the team that will be making this submission. Applications open on Monday 9 January 2017, and close on Sunday 15 January 2017 at 11:59pm. The submission will be worked on intensively throughout the middle of January through to the end of February, with a final deadline of 28 February 2017 for all submissions to DFAT. We expect contributors to work closely with the Directors, be available throughout January and February to work on the submissions and produce at least 1,000 words of well-researched writing on the submission.

According to the White Paper's terms of reference, the White Paper will:

- Examine the foreign, security, economic and international development issues and global trends shaping Australia’s international environment;
- Define Australia’s interests and policy priorities in response to that environment;
In light of those interests, outline how Australia should advance relations with major international partners;
- Identify approaches to support and better utilise multilateral and regional structures to promote and protect Australia’s interests and values;
- Establish a roadmap to pursue Australia’s economic interests as an open, export-oriented market economy to ensure we continue to capitalise on our competitive advantages, guard against economic risks and maximise national prosperity;
- Examine how Australia should promote its regulations, institutions and standards in the region, and globally, to support our commercial interests;
- Assess options for mitigating and responding to security risks, including strategic competition in the Indo-Pacific and transnational threats;
- Outline how we can promote prosperity and stability through our aid program with a focus on the Indo-Pacific; and
- Examine how we should best use our assets to pursue our interests internationally.

For further details, please see the following link: http://dfat.gov.au/whitepaper/index.html

If you are interested in contributing to Lawsoc's submission to DFAT on the Foreign Policy White Paper, please do not hesitate to apply!

Angad Randhawa & Johnson Man
Policy Submissions Directors