3 years ago

5 August, 2015

UNSW, 2052

Organised by:
Faculty of Engineering Student Society

FIRST UP --------- (12-2PM)

Get yourself to the the Globe Lawn from 12 till 2 for some Free Food and Drink as well as Meet and Greet stalls set up from the best in the business of Student Lead Projects:

- Engineers Without Borders
- First Robotics
- Robogals
- Women in Engineering
- Redback Racing
- Sunswift
- BLUEsat

There will be stalls set up to display some of the fine work these groups have been doing and it's a perfect chance to get yourself involved with a team.

We honestly shouldn't even be advertising this, it's on the Globe Lawn at midday and it's open to all engineering students so there's going to be such a crowd of happy, well fed engineers that all the inferior students will be blocked off from the rest of the main walk.

THEN ------------- (2-4PM)

Sports Day is happening on the 20th and we're going to get you teamed up and warmed up. We'll have a couple of pick up games and some people to explain the rules. This is a perfect chance to find your society's team, to prove to yourself that you actually can play sport, to dust off those ancient joggers and to preemptively write your victory speech.

It'll be super casual and 'coincidentally' it's just before double happy hour so your new found friends can have a casual bevvy to warm down.