2 years ago

20 May, 2016

Club Bar, Roundhouse

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Hey everyone!
We invite you to ELSOC’s Past and Present Social Night!! It will be held at the Roundhouse Club Bar on Friday 20th May from 5-9pm.

All ELSOC members (past and present) are invited. Enjoy a relaxing night with your mates after a long week. We will be holding challenges throughout the night to answer the age old question:

Who will be champion? The Past or the Present!

Get excited as we will be providing lots of bite sized food, and a bar tab for everyone wearing an ELSOC shirt. If you don’t have a shirt you can buy one for $10 on the night or during open office hours. There will also be a secret event planned during the night so don’t miss out!

See you all there!!

This student Club activity is proudly supported by Arc @ UNSW. For more information on Arc Clubs visit arc.unsw.edu.au