1 year ago

30 May, 2016

UNSW Debating Society

Organised by:
UNSW Debating Society (UNSW DEBSOC)

Come celebrate the end of Sem with a Demo Debate + Drinks + Dumplings!!

At 6pm UNSW 2 v 3 will be in a Demo Debate. Come to Tyree LG07 watch to see some of our best debaters argue a "mostly serious but slightly funny" topic.* Drinks will be flowing and free but I hear the debate is expected to be so good that you won't even need to be intoxicated for it!

After this (aprox. 8pm) we'll be heading to dumplings for an Australs send-off dinner! Come for some great chat about Perth, the "best dumplings on this street" and more free drinks. Dumplings are located at 323 Anzac Parade, aka Heaven. We'll have a walking party there after the demo debate.

*Jokes about Kendall's height have been banned, because apparently they are low hanging fruit (that Kendall can't reach)