1 year ago

20 August, 2016

UNSW Debating Society

Organised by:
UNSW Debating Society (UNSW DEBSOC)

UNSW IV is back! UNSW IV is UNSW's most exciting tournament of the year. Before the rise of topics about Blind Gazelles, UNSW was doing it first with weird + wonderful topics.

You can expect topics such as:

TH, as jet fuel, regrets the melting point of steel beams

TH, as a WAustrals Octofinalist, regrets side Affirmative

TH, as the UNSW Debating Society, would have registered for Worlds on time

Motions at UNSW IV are open, principled and, often, fictional. Adjudicators will prioritize arguments that are creative rather than canned.

Examples of (real) previous topics that UNSW IV has had include:

2015: This house would throw the baby out with the bathwater

2014: "You are an intelligent, attractive 2nd year university student in a fulfilling long-term relationship that you could see progressing to marriage in the long-term. You are about to leave on exchange for 12 months and are tempted by the single the single life, although your partner tells you they love you and want to make it work long distance."
THW cheat and attempt to conceal it

2013: This house believes advanced aliens have a moral obligation to contact primitives

2012: This house would fake it

2011: This house regrets the extra judicial killing of Voldemort

Our CA's will be the dynamic duo of James Leeder + Abigail McCarthy.

James was a Worlds Semi-Finalist, Easters Champion, Sydney Mini best speaker, Australs Semi and Grand Finalist, Top ten Australs Speaker twice (8th in 2015, 2nd in 2016). He has broken as a judge at Easters and Worlds, judged Sydney Mini grand final, UNSW top ten speaker twice and twice semi-Finalist

Abbey was the best female speaker and a quarter finalist at worlds in 2015. She was the best speaker and a grand finalist at Womens in 2013, won Melbourne Mini in 2014, and judged the Australs 2016 ESL final, the 2014 Women's Grand final and chaired the 2016 WUDC ESL semi.

Convened by UNSW's Externals VP (Eloise Kneebone) + UNSW's First Year Rep (Arlo Alexander Maylan). If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message or email either of them, at eloise.kneebone@gmail.com and Arlo.a.meylan@gmail.com.

Our Equity team will be made up of William Berthelot and Anne Wang.

Registration is open now! Register here: http://goo.gl/forms/Q3u3rXC5rcbrdJET2

This is a BP-Format tournament, so teams are teams of 2 people. If you would like to register as an individual, fill out the registration form as an individual and we will try to find you a teammate.

Registration will cost $60 for debaters and $40 for adjudicators

Our bank account details are:
Account Name: UNSW Debating Society, BSB: 062303 and Account No: 00903871

Saturday 20 August
9.00 Registration/Briefing
9.30 Round 1 Topic Release
12.00 Lunch
1.00 Round 2 Topic Release
3.00 Afternoon Tea
3.30 Round 3 Topic Release
6.00 Championship Dinner

Sunday 21 August
9.00 Briefing
9.15 Round 4 Topic Release
11.30 Morning tea
12.00 Round 5 Topic Release
1.30 Lunch
2.30 Semi finals
4.00 Grand final
6.00 Sunday Night Social