1 year ago

22 August, 2016

Law Building 203

Organised by:
UNSW Debating Society (UNSW DEBSOC)

O come all ye faithful! This week we break the cardinal rule of middle class mores and will be discussing religion at the dinner table. Finally a chance to put that 'holier than thou' attitude to good use in some debate-sermons!

As usual we will be debating in BP style consisting of 4 teams of 2 so please indicate on your registration form if you would prefer to debate with someone in particular. Otherwise you're at my gracious mercy. If you're unfamiliar with the worshipped BP, you can find the seminar at our website: unswdebsoc.com/resources. Note that we will not be running through the basics of this format and it is highly recommended you watch before you come!

REGO: https://goo.gl/forms/UvOEHGj27EknRx793 [Remember if you forget to rego online I can't guarantee you to debate in a team on the night]