1 year ago

27 August, 2016

UNSW Debating Society

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Registration will close at 9pm on Thursday 25 August.
You need to register with this form if you want to trial as a debater or an adjudicator.


Debater trials will be held on the morning of 27 August.

Everyone only needs to debate in one trial debate (there will be no call backs). Precise timing will depend upon how many people trial.

You will be asked to bring a $50 deposit to trials. This will be refunded if you don't make a team, will be taken off your registration costs if you do make a team and will be never returned if you decide to drop out of a team not in accordance with the rules set out in our trial policy. The trial policy (including information as to how teams are selected) will be posted here soon, and emailed to all those who register for trials.

If you only want to register as an adjudicator, we will not hold trials unless there is a large demand. You will be notified of this at a later date. If you want to come as an adjudicator or a debater, then you will still need to trial as a debater.


The Australasian Women’s Debating Championships (aka Women’s!) is an autonomous tournament for female, non-binary and / or non cis-male people. It’s super fun time and is specifically held for development purposes, where each team is made up a pro and a novice.

This year Women’s will be held in Melbourne from 23-26 September. Registration costs $290 for debaters and $260 for adjudicatorts, and you will have to make your own way there. Debsoc will subsidise some of the cost (the extent of that depending on Arc's generosity).

UNSW currently has 4 teams and 2 adjudicators spots, although if there is the demand we are likely to get an extra team and adjudicator spot.


For UNSW teams, novices and pros are defined as followed:

Novice = Someone with less than three years of Debsoc membership who has not broken at a major (i.e. at Easters, Australs, Women’s or Worlds). If you’re not sure what this means then you are probably a novice.

Pro = Someone who is not a novice.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact Alicia (alicia.darcy13@gmail.com)