1 year ago

28 August, 2016

UNSW Law Building, Room 275

Organised by:
UNSW Debating Society (UNSW DEBSOC)

**Note: We have changed date to 28 August, Women's teams will also be able to attend!*

Bought a UNSW Debsoc t-shirt but haven't had enough opportunities to wear it? Don't really care about debating but hear debaters are (despite what u heard in high school) actually rlly cool?

Come to our Debsoc Novice BP Training Day, where we're hosting workshops and debates to help you through the absolute joy that is BP debating! Find out how to ask shifty points of information to make you sound edgy or simply how to debate at all if you're new with help from some of our most experienced members. If you're a pro, you can finally get service points to pay back for the litany of uber receipts you copped in Perth / help make Debsoc Great Again.

You can come to as many or as little rounds as you like, but we strongly recommend coming to the whole day to see all the workshops and seminars! However note the first round workshop will be mostly covering introduction to BP material, so if you have watched the seminar at the Week 2 Internals and feel confident about the structure/don't have further questions, feel free to rock up in time for round 1 topic release! This novice day is welcome to anyone who wants to attend, however there will be no teams of pros and we will prioritise UNSW debaters in registration.

New form to be up soon!

10.00: Rego // Workshop 1 – BP Introduction
10.30: Round 1 topic release
12.30: Lunch
1.00: Workshop 2 – Extensions/Closing Half
1.25: Round 2 topic release
3.20: Afternoon tea
3.40 Workshop 3 – Points of Information
4.00: Round 3 topic release
6.15 Dinner/dranks!