1 year ago

5 September, 2016

LAW 203

Organised by:
UNSW Debating Society (UNSW DEBSOC)

Think negative gearing is a type of car repair service? Maybe you just think surge pricing is the fee you get when you blow your electricity box at home? Perhaps you want to try out a new fad diet called quantitative easing??

Come one, come all and let the Free Hand guide you through the wonderful world of economics in Week 7. We're also treated to an extra-special seminar from our Resident Right Wing Economist Nick Gerovasilis on making extensions and how to deb8 closing half properly (this will be similar, but some new info to the seminar at Novice Training Day)

REGO: https://goo.gl/forms/mjP9uRc3MDvt39BX2

6.00pm Rego
6.10pm Seminar on Extensions/Closing Half
6.40pm Topic release
8.20pm ~~~SOCIAL~~~