1 year ago

10 October, 2016

UNSW Debating Society

Organised by:
UNSW Debating Society (UNSW DEBSOC)

Come along in week 11 for an extra special night of Internals! It's always good to practice before debates (Donald J. Trump) so come along before Western Sydney BP or Worlds Trials this weekend and debate a round focusing on the upcoming US election. Below are some example motions we have prepared that may or may not be selected:

TH, as Jeb Bush, regrets existence;

TH celebrates walls

THBT Hillary Clinton tampered with Donald Trump's microphone

TH, as Mike Pence, would let Donald Trump crash and burn

Registering here is absolutely essential: https://goo.gl/forms/9DZqwLGsaYvCFHYk1

6.00pm Arrival
6.05pm Guest lecture: George HW Bush
6.10pm draw/topic released
8.00pm Presidential Drinks at Coco Cubano