2 years ago

1 March, 2016

The Whitehouse

Organised by:
UNSW Comedy Club

Someone once said that to make a regular person laugh, you need to dress a guy up like an old lady and push him down the stairs. To make a comedy writer laugh, you have to push a real old lady down the stairs. - Tina Fey

Welcome comedians, actors, improvisors and audience members. The UNSW Comedy Club is a relatively new UNSW society and WE WANT YOU to be a part of it!

Please join us for a Start of Semester Welcome. This is a chill event where you can meet Comedy Club members old and new. We’ll have a couple of jugs of beer and lots of laughs to go around.

Come to the Whitehouse at 3pm on Tuesday the 1st of March to get the party started.

Hope to see you there!