2 years ago

14 April, 2016

Squarehouse 109

Organised by:
UNSW Comedy Club

The UNSW Comedy Club’s first ever biannual show, Sketch Showcase, is coming up! We want comedians, writers, actors, singers and dancers to be a part of it!

Our first show meeting will be for writers - first timers and seasoned!

We will have a whole afternoon of discussing ideas, telling jokes and teaching you how to write sketches. After a few days we will audition actors for the show and start rehearsing! The writers are welcome to direct their own sketches or pass them on to the Creative Directors of the show.

If you have any interest in writing for comedy come along to the workshop! Alternatively, if you have a script and can’t make it to the workshop email them to comedyclubunsw@gmail.com

This show’s theme is “throwback sketchers”! Think 90s - pre-internet, board games, VCR, Pac-man, baggy trousers, perms, mullets, business bosses, glass ceilings, CDs, the Spice Girls, bagels, piercings, tribal tattoos, oversized shirts, Clueless, giant computers, giant mobiles, Furbies and of course those snazzy Sketchers shoes.