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21 March, 2016

MCIC, Ground Floor Materials Science Building, Kensington Campus

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Edit: slides are at http://goo.gl/qjb9Wd

The workshops are free, fun, informal and run for most of the semester with increasingly more interesting and challenging topics as we go on. Don't be afraid if you have no electronics or programming experience -- we've designed the course to be a really easy gateway into DIY coding and circuits from absolute scratch.

We will run for an hour and a half every Monday from 5-6.30pm at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre.

This week we'll be focusing on digital electronics. You'll work with wiring and using LEDs and buttons. You'll learn how to make programs and all about the motor control theory

-- Kits --
Whilst the workshop series itself is free you will need to buy one of our Arduino kits to properly enjoy it. The kits contain a fantastic variety of experimental components as well as all of the necessities including the Arduino, breadboard, wires and others. Arduino Kits are now ready for pre-order from our website, and will be ready to collect in week 4 before the workshop, at the sale beforehand (Globe Lawn, Mondays 12-4pm) or at the MCIC.

See http://createunsw.com.au/services/sales/ArduinoKit for more information about the kit. It's extensive - with enough to build or start many projects - and also cheaper than buying the parts individually.

-- What else to bring --
Your laptop! The software used in the workshops is free and easy to download and install, if you are able to do this before the workshop we can get right to the fun stuff:
- The current Arduino IDE [https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software]
- The drivers to use the Arduino (should install with the IDE)
- Some libraries to operate parts that come with the kits [https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzPz9Imh10VIT2s1Y0NfekRpWjQ&usp=sharing]

The software is free, small and the main tool we'll be using every week. Don't forget to stick around the MCIC for hackerspace afterwards too!

We can't wait to see you there.