2 years ago

21 March, 2016

MCIC, Ground Level, Materials Science, UNSW Kensington Campus

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This is the first meeting of CREATE’s 2016 unmanned ground vehicle team. The event will an introduction to the UGV team and allow the recruitment of new members on one of two competitions the UGV team will be entering this year.

For newer members getting starting into robotics or just looking to learn, the Droid Racing Competition is for you. This is a ground vehicle race which involves the development of a brand new robotic platform that will use imaging to autonomously navigate a race track in competition with other teams. This will require work in software, electronics and mechanical design for which teams will be set up for each. The teams will be required to develop and manufacture the chassis for a fast and lightweight racing platform, developing the electrical system and code the algorithms for navigation based off sensor input.

For more experienced members, we have the AGVC competition. This is an international UGV challenge with currently unspecified details though will most probably involve autonomous navigation and mapping of a set field. The platform being used is our existing MCIC Bus UGV (“Debbie”) currently equipped with LIDAR, all steel chassis, wheelchair motors and being controlled by a laptop running robot operating system. Teams available are:

Electrical: Which currently involves
-Developing an improved power distribution system
-Working on cable management
-Sourcing new equipment for the UGV such as GPS, cameras
-Developing a battery monitoring system
-Solving the issue with the LIDAR which has stopped working for an unknown reason

Mechanical: Which currently involves
-Developing a suspension system
-Developing a laptop stand to raise the laptop and protect it
-Designing and making a modular attachment to allow the CREATE sales team to use the UGV to transport stock

Software: Which currently involves
-Learning ROS
-Making the current code more efficient
-Coding the navigation algorithms based off LIDAR input
-Implementing shape and colour recognition from camera input
-Developing a HUD for UGV control and monitoring

If you have any further questions feel free to post here or message us directly!