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8 August, 2016

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre UNSW

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For all those with a curiosity for the technology around them, wishing to learn how to make things for for yourselves, (or just for the love of free pizza) come along to our weekly Hackerspace held in MCIC, Ground Floor Material Science Building!

Our hackerspaces are a social and experimental space full of makers with all levels of experience where ideas can be discussed, things can be experimented with and collaborative projects can be born - such as our Droid Racing Competition team which took first place!

This week we will be holding an Arduino Workshop. Arduinos are cheap, mini computer boards that can control any electronics, from lighting displays to self-driving robots! CREATE's Arduino workshop teaches how to connect and program them with various sensors and devices so that you can make the projects you've dreamed about. We've designed the course to be a really easy gateway into DIY coding and circuits from absolute scratch.

But wait, there's more! In later weeks, we will be holding an Introduction to Electronics Design workshop; followed by tutorials for application of OpenCV [Computer Vision] and 2D/3D CAD [Computer Aided Design].

So, if you'd like to jumpstart your skills as a maker, or have a project you'd like help with, or just want to chill with some cool people and FREE FOOD, see you at the Hackerspace !

-- Kits --
This week CREATE will provide the necessary boards and components, and our full arduino kits will be available for preorder.

See http://www.createunsw.com.au/store/sales/ArduinoKit for more information about the kit.

We will also have a smaller kit of parts available for the workshop.

-- What else to bring --
You will need to bring in your own laptop, with the Arduino software installed. It's free, small and the main tool we'll be using for the workshop:
- Arduino IDE Install
[ https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software ]
- Some libraries to operate parts that come with the kits
[ https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzPz9Imh10VIT2s1Y0NfekRpWjQ&usp=sharing ]