1 year ago

22 August, 2016

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre UNSW

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Hello everyone!

Ever wanted to incorporate basic electronics into your project and do some soldering, but don't know where to start? This is the workshop for you!

We'll be learning how to design and prototype a simple circuit out of LEDs, transistors and light dependent resistor (LDR). The circuit works by turning on LEDs when the environment is dim/dark.

The Electronics Workshop kit will be available for purchase at the Monday sales stall or half an hour before the workshop ($6). These kits are optional for the workshop and are mainly for those who wish to gain practical experience in soldering. Alternatively, if you wish to procure your own kit, here's a list of components you will need:

3-5x LEDs
1x 220ohm resistor
1x trimpot or knob potentiometer (~10kOhm)
2x BC547 NPN transistors
1x LDR
1x 5cm x 7cm veroboard
1x coin cell battery and holder
1x ~50cm solder
Assorted wires

What to bring:
- Laptop with Fritzing software installed http://fritzing.org/download/
(recommend version 0.9.1b as some of the newer versions are unstable.)
- Electronics workshop kit (optional)