1 year ago

24 August, 2016

UNSW Art and Design (Paddington Campus) D202

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During weeks 5 and 6, we will be running a repeat of our arduino course over at UNSW Art and Designs campus from 3-5pm with MAKE Club https://www.facebook.com/MakeUnswAD/?fref=ts.

Arduinos are cheap, mini computer boards that can control any electronics, from lighting displays to self-driving robots! CREATE's Arduino workshop teaches how to connect and program them with various sensors and devices so that you can make the projects you've dreamed about. We've designed the course to be a really easy gateway into DIY coding and circuits from absolute scratch.

It is recommended for participants to have the arduino IDE installed before hand on their laptops. This can be found through the following link:

-- Kits --
CREATE will have some spare boards and components we can lend out on the day, however if you would like your own kit, our Arduino kits will be available for purchase.

See http://www.createunsw.com.au/store/sales/ArduinoKit for more information about the kits.