1 year ago

5 September, 2016

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre UNSW

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---OpenCV Workshop #2---

Content covered in the talk:
1. Morphology operations
2. Shape analysis, approximations
3. Feature and object detection
4. Motion / object tracking

Presented by Nathan Adler, B Eng Mechatronics, vision systems software engineer.

Get started with one of the most powerful and useful open-source libraries with over 2500 optimised algorithms for still image and video processing!

This is the second of a two-part workshop series. Workshops will be run in C++, with an emphasis on simple and practical implementations of vision algorithms.

Bring a laptop with OpenCV installed, so you can follow along with the workshop examples and write your own OpenCV implementations. Installation instructions are currently being compiled in our Google Drive OpenCV Workshop resources folder (see top of description). We recommend installing OpenCV 3.1 onto a Linux machine, but Windows and Mac are also suitable.

Assumed knowledge: C++ (basic understanding sufficient). C knowledge alone will mean that you may understand most of the code but could have trouble following along. If you have never done any programming before at all, this workshop is probably not for you.

---Vivid 2017 Discussion---
Interested in interactive electronics?
Want to have your name on a sculpture viewed by millions of members of the public?
Or simply interested in taking part in a project run by CREATE?
Over the coming month, CREATE will be hosting a series of discussions and design activities to plan out our proposal to Destination's NSW for participation in Vivid Lights 2017.
On Monday from 6-8pm, we will be in the forum space of MCIC discussing and deciding on an idea for our proposal to Vivid Sydney.

---Soldering Workshop---
For those who were unable to complete ther soldering of their light badges in the introduction to electronics workshop, we will have helpers around in the workshop area to help with the rest of the soldering.

---Droid Racing Competition---
Join the DRC team here!