2 years ago

12 May, 2016

Naked Lady Lawn, UNSW

Organised by:
Mathematics Society (MATHSOC)

Hope you guys don’t mind another roasting after midsem exams because MATHSOC is BACK with a BBQ!

That’s right! Don’t worry about buying a HSP that day cause MathSoc has your lunch covered! Come join us for ANOTHER one of our FREE BBQS* as we celebrate the end of an assessment block! We guarantee that our signature sausage sizzles will make you forget all about your post-exam woes.

You guys know the drill, next week! 13th September! Bring ALL your friends along!
Let’s have a mad time.

DATE: 13th September
TIME: 12pm-2pm
LOCATION: Naked Lady Lawn

See you there!

*free for MathSoc members

** MATHSOC membership is FREE for students with Maths/Stats majors (verification using class timetables will be necessary)
Otherwise, it is only $5 for loads of benefits like access to these amazing events, and future goodies
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Love MathSoc Crew