1 year ago

26 July, 2016

Naked Lady Lawn, UNSW

Organised by:
Mathematics Society (MATHSOC)

Semester 2 is just around the corner! Here at MathSoc we understand the pain you have to go through dragging your holiday-mode body and brain back to uni.

That's why MathSoc will be holding a FREE BBQ to kick-start this semester! We guarantee that our delicious sausages topped with caramelised onions and your favourite sauce will fire you right back up for those classes! So in a way we’re providing very helpful moral support for the tough semester ahead……except it’s with food :P

In case you missed the good news, we have started our BRAND NEW MathSoc Hoodies sale! If you haven't already, grab yours now at https://www.tilt.com/tilts/unsw-nav for only $40! On the day of the BBQ, we will be accepting cash for these hoodies if you were interested in making a purchase. You will also have the opportunity to view and try on our 2 hoodies samples - a size 8 black hoodie for the ladies, and a size small navy hoodie for the guys.

Come on down on Tuesday 26th July from 12-2pm for your FREE food and a very chilled time!

Date: Tuesday July 26
Time: 12pm-2pm
Location: Naked Lady Lawn

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Love MathSoc Crew