1 year ago

19 September, 2016

ASB The Place G23

Organised by:
Mathematics Society (MATHSOC)

Attention all math enthusiasts, keen problem solvers and people who just want to have a bit of fun! MathSoc is inviting you to its Annual MathSoc Championship for 2016!

This is a team competition in problem solving, critical thinking and analytical and strategy skills for four entrants, where YOUR TEAM battles it out against others to win glory and many fabulous prizes!

But wait! Worried that you might not have the mathematical ability to measure up! Fear not, you do NOT have to be a maths god! This competition is all about thinking creatively and out of the box! High school maths is all you need to get involved!

So do YOU have the potential to be the 2016 MATHSOC CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS?
- When: 19th September 6pm-7:30pm
- Where: ASB The Place G23
- Cost: FREE for MathSoc members
- Prizes: There will be prizes for the top team
- Rego form can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/CtOEQzIdwjZIbKD63

(If you are joining as an individual, we will match you with other team members on the day)
Teams (of up to 4) will compete against each other to gain the most points possible within the time limit of 40 minutes.
Each team is given a problem sheet containing problems.

The team with the most points when time elapses will be CROWNED THE MATHSOC CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS FOR 2016!
So EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN! See you there! :)
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** MATHSOC membership is FREE for students with Maths/Stats majors (verification using class timetables will be necessary)
Otherwise, it is only $5 for loads of benefits like access to these amazing events, and future goodies (like our T-shirts!!)