1 year ago

10 July, 2016

Strike Bowling Bar King St Wharf

Organised by:
CSE Revue

/* ========= DETAILS ==============
* Where: Strike Bowling at King Street Wharf
* When: 6:30pm
* What: 2 Awesome Escape Rooms
* Escape Room 1 - The Garden
* Escape Room 2 - Casino Heist
* Cost: $30
* Please Bring ID
* Note - $5.00 drinks available

We've noticed something at CSE Revue (Computer Science and Engineering Revue): there are a LOT of boys around. Don't get me wrong, we're all engineers, scientists or a little bit nerdy but sometimes the guys don't always apprieciate the little things. Whether it's the fact that you're the only girl in your computing tutorial again, or that finding a bathroom in the electrical building is near impossible, sometimes it's nice just to let loose with the girls.

So, we've decided to put on a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

So far, we're not sure where we're going (see the poll) but it will be followed by drinks and we know there'll be good company! Check out the deets and feel free to join us, whether you're an old hat in revue, a newbie or someone who hasn't even heard of us yet! It'll be a lot of fun and we're keen to have you!

All are welcome!