1 year ago

27 October, 2016

Ainsworth G01

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CSE Revue

Hey guys, It's time to choose your exec for 2017!

== Presenting your candidates for CSE Revue EXEC 2017 ==

Justin Philip Keevers
Kitty Lee
Ryan Klugman
Sylvia Harmon-Jones

Dennis Bunadi
Tiarne Rui Yun Lu
Martin Le

STAD (Secretary, Treasurer, ARC Delegate)
Joanna Kot => Secretary
Andrew Vo => Treasurer

The candidate's blurbs can be found here => https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FE_qpoC3mLdZ9nbSo7Y4xGKh80scY7FrHzfDleUhjbQ/edit?usp=sharing

===== Voting will happen at the EGM =====

The list of people who can vote are in the link below:
If you are not on this list and feel that you should be then email exec@cserevue.org.au.

PROXY VOTING: If you cannot make the EGM but can and would still like to vote, you may empower someone to vote for you by emailing exec@cserevue.org.au.

If you have any questions about the roles and/or voting, feel free to speak to anyone on exec directly or email us at exec@cserevue.org.au.

All the best - CSE Revue EXEC 2016