1 year ago

31 January, 2017

UNSW Medical Society

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UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc)

Getting a little nervous to start the last 1/3 of your journey in medicine?
Want some tips for the upcoming "hardest exam in medical school"?
Not sure about negotiating capabilities and what's required for the portfolio?

MedSoc is proud to present the Phase 3/Biomed Information evening. Topics:
1. Introduction to Phase 3 by Prof. Arvin Damodaran (Phase 3 Convenor)
2. How to study for Biomed + Biomed examination by Prof. Gary Velan
2. Portfolio and assignments by Monish Maharaj
3. Clinical learning by Momimah Bhatti

If you have requests for specific topics, please feel free to post on this page or ask on the night.

A video of the event will be posted on MedSoc Academics Youtube channel.

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