1 year ago

29 January, 2017

Top of Martin Place, on the intersection with Macquarie St

Organised by:
Socialist Alternative Club

Reclaim Australia have called a rally for 29 January. This coalition of racists and fascists has been calling for the burqa to be banned, mosques to be bulldozed and Muslims to be deported. At the heart of the movement are hardcore neo-Nazis, hoping to recruit from public demonstrations of racists. Blair Cottrell, a leading figure in the movement, said of Hitler: “There should be a picture of this man in every classroom and every school, and his book should be issued to every student annually”.

As fringe as these people might seem, they are swimming with the stream. The government’s spate of anti-terror laws, stripping civil liberties for Muslims as young as 14; its ongoing atrocities towards refugees; and its bombing campaign in Syria, work to demonise the Muslim community and foster hatred. And the mainstream media have plastered the landscape with every fearmongering anti-Muslim trope you can think of, like paying Pauline Hanson to be the "anti-terror" expert on channel 7.

The rise of One Nation and the election of Donald Trump has emboldened fascist groups like the UPF and Reclaim Australia to come out onto the streets and spew their hatred into our communities. This counter rally has been organised to ensure that this Islamophobic poison does not go unchallenged.

We outnumbered them and drowned them out at every rally they tired to call both in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.
Now its time to do it again!

All those who oppose racism and fascism, who want to stand united with Muslims and the oppressed, must help make this demonstration as big and vibrant as it can be. Print off a poster and put it up in your street, on your noticeboard at work, at your school. Send an email or a text to your mates, get a contingent along from your workplace with a banner or placard.

12pm @ Martin Place/Macquarie St on Sunday 29 January!

For more info contact Gavin on 0420 839 039 or Evan on 0448 886 743