1 year ago

6 December, 2016

Newtown Public Library

Organised by:
Socialist Alternative Club

Trump's victory is already emboldening racists and neo-Nazis across the US and the world. In France the fascist Marine Le Pen is calling for the far right to mobilise for a similar takeover of the French state, while in Britain, Germany, Hungary and elsewhere fascists have been using Trump's victory to galvanise their supporters for new waves of attacks on muslims, migrants, and other vulnerable groups.

Here in Australia Pauline Hanson popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate Trump's success, and is attempting to build a similar coalition of racists, misogynists, and outright fascists.

It's an incredibly dangerous situation.

But everywhere there is oppression there is resistance too.
Come to this meeting for a discussion of where racism comes from, the role it plays in perpetuating the system, and how it can be beaten back and eradicated.