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5 November, 2016

UNSW Underwater Club

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Underwater Club

It’s ex-HMAS Adelaide time again!

Take a weekend off and join us to dive the awesome ex-HMAS Adelaide in Terrigal for Take 2 in November. The first time was so good, we were left with little choice except to do it all over again!

In 2011, the HMAS Adelaide was prepared and purposely sunk for SCUBA divers. Over the last couple of years not only does this site offer the perfect wreck dives, it also has become an artificial reef, home to a myriad of fish and invertebrate marine life.

The ship measures 138.1m (0.69 furlongs) from bow to stern, with a beam of 14.3m (31.3 cubits). Diver access holes are strategically placed throughout the vessel to allow easy access to explore key features of the wreck. Divers will recognise the captain’s chair, console and chart table from the bridge, the helicopter hangars, the operations room complete with shells of weapons and sensor consoles, the crew’s cafeteria and a limited number of bunks and amenities.

The Ship (Note: Actual depths are 4-5m deeper than what’s on the map)

There are many different dive sites on this frigate. As an artificial reef you will be able to see the genesis of a reef with juvenile fish seeking hiding places, larger fish seeking ambush hideouts and predators patrolling the edge of visibility (like other divers).

|| WHEN ||

4 – 6 November. We will be driving up on Friday evening and returning on Sunday. This means that we have a full day on Saturday, and a half day on Sunday for diving.

|| WHERE ||

Terrigal. Address will be provided to attendees.

|| COST ||

$120 for accomodation and food for the weekend, as well as drinks for party night! (Paid during booking)

$20 per boat dive (Paid after your dives)

$18 for your permit to enter the reserve each day (Entry Permits – self-apply here)

|| GEAR ||

You are each responsible for sorting out your own gear. The club hires out BCDs, regs, weights and tanks here.

There are a few local dive shops there if you need anything else to hire, or you can hire stuff out for the weekend from any dive shop in Sydney.

|| NOTE ||

This is a deep wreck dive, you need to have both your Advanced course (or talk to me) and at least 25 dives to join.


Torches are compulsory on this dive or you’ll collide onto things. Here’s a link to a good one on ebay. LED Dive Torch


We will try out best to organise carpooling for those who don’t drive. After booking, please email me with the following:

Whether you’re driving or not, and if so, how many passengers you can take
Where you can leave from

Beds are assigned on a first paid first serve basis. If you are not assigned a bed please bring something comfy to sleep on, like a sleeping bag, air mattress, cardboard box, a bed of leaves, or your parents’ antique Mustang.


Please let me know if applicable.


Jess – jessica.onie@icloud.com

Christian – president@underwaterclub.org