2 years ago

1 June, 2016

Alumni Lawn

Organised by:
Faculty of Engineering Student Society

Are you curious about real world engineering problems? Have you ever wondered what it's like to create a space exploration vehicle, innovate an award winning electric car, manufacture a ferocious race car, fix medical broken equipment in developing countries or just creating something in general?

Participating Engineering Projects:
- Sunswift: http://sunswift.com/
- BLUESAT: http://bluesat.com.au/
- Redback Racing: http://www.redbackracing.unsw.edu.au/
- Engineering World Health (EWH): http://www.ewh.org/students/design-competition/design-competition
- Project Auto Factory (PAF): https://www.facebook.com/protofac
- Robogals: http://sydney.robogals.org.au/

If you want that hands on experience that most employers are looking for, then the Projects Fair is where you can come to see what opportunities you could make for yourself in UNSW’s prestigious engineering projects. Some known worldwide for the success they’ve had in their respective design challenges. This semester, we will be giving you the chance to engage with all of the projects at once and see how they could meet your interests.

This day will be a showcase of their innovative design, how they got to there, and milestones they have overcome in the design process. It doesn't matter what you study or how far you’re into your degree, come along and see the magnificent work these students have created from scratch, and that you could create if you express enough interest.

There will be a free BBQ for everyone present on the day from 12pm –2pm.