1 year ago

21 September, 2016

Science Lawn, UNSW

Organised by:
Vietnamese Student Association

Always thinking about dessert before you even eat lunch? Or are you getting hungry because your lecturers are waffling on? Well if you pancake it anymore, come down to VSA’s second last food event for the semester. YEP, our SECOND LAST free food* event for 2016!

In Semester 1, we gave you Pandan Pancakes and although it was very successful, most of you guys thought it was a flop because we ran out too early.

Fast forward to Semester 2, we’re presenting; PANDAN WAFFLES. Delicious and steamy, each member will receive their waffles for free! Comes with an assortment of toppings that you will get to choose. We’re talking: shredded coconut, decadent condensed milk, thick AF maple syrup and a phat serving of either whipped cream or ice cream (TBD!).


WHAT: Pandan Waffles and additional toppings
WHEN: Wednesday, 21st of September
WHERE: Science Lawn
COST: FREE for all VSA members, $2 for a serving


If you haven’t already, it’s only $5 to join VSA for FREE fortnightly food events for the rest of the year and access to exclusive events. Sign up on the day to cut the line!