1 year ago

1 October, 2016

K17 Seminar Room, UNSW

Organised by:
GSE Society

Ever thought of a cool project, but haven't yet gotten around to throwing it together? Been itching to realise your brilliant tier-1 startup idea? Or just want to spend a fun weekend with friends hacking together code over free pizza? Then have we got the event for you!

CSESoc is running a hackathon in the K17 Seminar Room on the weekend of October 1st-2nd. Work in teams of 2-4 to build that idea that you have had in mind all these years!

Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-A7qnRMaIPPd4eITw0FxPPKXgaOMQLwZU9AlJD8Nd5iIKlQ/viewform

1st October 9am - 5pm
2nd October 9am - 5pm

@K17 Seminar Room


Free lunch (pizza), and snacks will be provided throughout the hackathon.

While you can start thinking about ideas now, don't start coding yet! Save that for the hackathon.

You won't be able to stay in K17 overnight; day 1 will end around 5pm, and day 2 will resume around 9am (times to be confirmed). You can, of course, keep coding all night in between :)

This hackathon is open only to UNSW CSE students.