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7 October, 2016


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Management Society

Applications for 2016 Cabinet positions have opened!

Are you a leader with commitment, drive, and vision? We are looking for talent like you to bring MSOC to new heights! Join a society with an abundance of opportunities for professional and self-development.

Joining on-board with MSOC is also an opportunity to build your network with like-minded and driven individuals. Above the professional development, you will unknowingly join not just a society, but a family full of fun, enthusiasm, and passion, that will help bring out the very best in one another.


Date: Friday 7th of October 2016
Location: LAW389
Time: 1-3pm

The Agenda will include:
• President’s Report
• Treasurer’s Report
• Nomination Speeches
• Election of new Cabinet Members
• Adoption of newly elected Cabinet Members

Pre-AGM Timeline:
• Nomination period: 7:30pm 13/09/16~ 7:30pm 27/09/16
• Campaigning period: 7pm 28/09/16 ~ 1pm 7/10/16
• AGM: 1pm ~ 3pm 7/10/16


If you would like to be nominated for a position, please fill out the form below before 7pm, 27th September 2016.
Link: https://goo.gl/forms/ulcAydz3zynvVIgp1

The Returning Officer will review all nominations and determine which nominees can progress into the Campaigning Period. Successful nominees will be notified before the Campaigning Period, and will be able to start campaigning for their positions from 7:30pm on September 28th 2016.

For more information about the Cabinet Positions, please refer to the Constitution: https://www.dropbox.com/s/knsb9je3s2s2kdd/MSOC%202016%20Constitution.pdf?dl=0

You must be a member of MSOC via Orgsync in order to put in a vote. UNSW Management Society welcomes all current members to attend.

Proxy Votes:
If you are unable to attend the AGM but would still like to vote, you may do so via a proxy vote. Each member is allowed a maximum of THREE (3) proxy votes overall, regardless of whether a nominee applies for two Cabinet positions. If there are more than three proxy votes for the same nominee, only the first three proxy votes will be counted for said nominee.

We will be sending out an email at the beginning of the campaigning period, 28/09/16, with a proxy form attached. In order to put in a proxy vote, please send your completed proxy form to n.xie@unswmsoc.com by 7pm on Wednesday 5th of October.


To find out more about the Management Society, check out our website:

If you have any further questions, feel free to post on our wall, or contact us directly via email [general@unswmsoc.com].