1 year ago

12 September, 2016

Australian Red Cross Blood Donation Centre Elizabeth Street

Organised by:
UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc)

Hello amazing UNSW Blood-Donors for 2016!! The previous event has been extended until the 19th of September!

Your Vampire Cup adventure starts ... here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5TgIcfjfX8


VAMPIRE CUP 2016 runs from 25th July to the 19th September - so raise your sleeves, and give blood today!

Donating blood can save three lives every time you do it! All you have to do is donate at any Red Cross Collection Centre and then join our group on the website to make your UNSW contribution count!


ALSO... we are running three competitions this year (the biggest VC year at UNSW to date)!!

The Competitions for 2016 include:

1. Biggest / Individual Donor (you can donate more than once in the Vampire Cup Time period!) *check for specific conditions*

Whole blood – every 12 weeks
Platelets – every 2-4 weeks
Plasma – every 2 weeks (if you have given blood in the last 12 months)

EVERYONE who donates will go in the running to win an Individual Prize!

Prizes TBA (think big big vouchers!)

2. Group winner (register in groups of 4):
2 groups will be selected as winners, with a chance to win 8 amazingggg Kenhub Anatomy Subscriptions valued at over $50 each!!!

3. Best #VampireCupUNSW Selfie competition!
Register as an Individual or Group in our Selfie Competition! You can post on your instagram, our event page or just on Facebook with the hashtag (#VampireCupUNSW) and go into the running for our Best Selfie Prizes - a number of great prizes TBA - again, think money/vouchers/awesomeness!

The Individual Selfie Competition finishes on AUGUST 11th! So get your selfies in quick! The best Individual Selfie will win a ...
FREE Medball Ticket for the 19th August, the week later! [You will still have to buy the ticket online for logistical/table reasons, but this will then be reimbursed to your bank account!!]

The Group Competition will run for the entirety of Vampire Cup - and all of the group will receives prizes!



The closest donation centres are in the CBD at TOWN HALL and ELIZABETH STREET! But ... there are heaps! Check out the website for one that suits you :)

The Elizabeth Street Office is just across the street from the Martin Place 373 Bus Stop - only takes 22 minutes from UNSW! And you get free lollies, cookies and tea on arrival!

ALSO - if we have enough interest, groups of 7 can register to be picked up ANY AFTERNOON OF THE WEEK and taken by private bus to the Elizabeth Street Office! REGISTER your interest at via FB message or the Google Doc which will be uploaded next week on our event page! :)

Last year, only 5.7% of our entire UNSW MED cohort participated ... vs. Deakin University (the winners for the past five years), where 46.1% of their cohort donated !!!

SO, this is the year for UNSW to represent !!!!


Keep an eye on results?

You can truly save a life... Or three! ♥