1 year ago

16 September, 2016

Sam Cracknell Pavillion

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Are you ready to get your ping pong game on again this year fam?

Come show off your skills with a mate this Friday night and grab some food and drinks from the BBQ whist you're at it!

We will be at Sam Cracknell Pavilion on Friday 16th September, 6-9pm.
The BBQ will go off at 6pm and the actual competition begins at 7pm.

Teams MUST sign up below:

• Sets are first to 11 (with a lead of 2 points).
• Service switches player every 2 points.
• Otherwise standard table tennis rules apply.
• Pool stage games are best of 1 set, and finals games are best of 3 sets.

This student Club activity is proudly supported by Arc @ UNSW. For more information on Arc Clubs visit arc.unsw.edu.au