1 year ago

10 September, 2016

Socialist Alternative Sydney

Organised by:
Socialist Alternative Club

The Russian revolution of 1917 was a mass democratic movement of workers, soldiers and peasants. It led to workers' control of industry, peasant control of land and an end to the bloodshed and barbarity of WWI.

A whole industry exists to churn out text books that present the 1917 Russian revolution as a coup and the Bolsheviks, especially leaders such as Lenin and Trotsky, as power-hungry dictators. Most of these "histories" equate the 1917 revolution with the brutal Stalinist dictatorship that came after.

But objective historians cannot help but concede the fact that the revolution was built on principles of equality and liberation and that it came about through the conscious confrontation by the masses with the rule of capital. There was nothing inevitable about Stalinism.

Come to this meeting to discover the true history of the revolution and the lessons it holds for today.