1 year ago

8 September, 2016

Globe Lawn UNSW

Organised by:
Vietnamese Student Association

All the halal snack packs got you feeling a lil' bloated? Gaining that mid-sem stress weight like no tomorrow? Need to fit into that already bought suit or dress for an upcoming ball?

No worries – VSA’s got you fam!

We’re here for another food event on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH BETWEEN 12-2PM AT THE GLOBE LAWN – this time for a bit of a lighter alternative with VIETNAMESE BEEF SALAD!

We’re catering to all the carnivores and herbivores out there – so if you’re vegetarian, you won’t miss out at all, just let us know and we’ll just make sure to leave any meat out ☺

Remember – this even is FREE & UNLIMITED for all VSA members! So flash that VSA sticker and get as many servings as you want, or if you’re not a member then be sure to sign up on the day and cut the queue!

It’s well worth it, as we have lots of discounts for restaurants and plenty of events coming up (including lots of yummy food) so be sure to get that sticker by paying the $5 membership fee and joining our group on OrgSync.

See you soon!