1 year ago

5 September, 2016

UNSW Business School 220

Organised by:
Business Society UNSW

Hey everyone,

We are holding an EGM this coming Monday.

Date: Monday, 5th September 2016
Time: 1:00PM - 2:00PM
Location: UNSW Business School 220

During this EGM, the following constitutional amendments will be voted on:

• Introduction of Co-Presidency (1x Female, 1x Male, removal of the Chairperson position)
• Split of Vice-President (Internal) into two roles, Vice-President (Internal) and Vice-President (Operations)
• Increase of Marketing Directors (from two, to three)
• Formalisation of the Partnerships Director position (previously Charities and Partnerships Officer)
• Other miscellaneous corrections and changes

All students enrolled in a subject with the Business School are eligible to vote.

If you are unable to attend the EGM, but would like to vote on the clauses, please use the attendance form below as well and we will email out further instructions regarding proxy voting.

Please also direct any questions regarding the EGM or the constitional amendments to executives@unswbsoc.com.


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