1 year ago

19 October, 2016

Colombo Theatre C

Organised by:
Vietnamese Student Association

VSA UNSW saw an amazing year of new events and programs in 2016. Now it's time to pass over the reigns to some fresh new faces to bring even bigger and better ideas to UNSW!


➊ If you can see yourself running for any of these positions then here's your chance to step up and be active within VSA! Otherwise, come and help elect who you would like to run VSA at UNSW. This is also an opportunity for anyone who is keen to be part of the committee in other positions (Public Relation Officers) to come along and just see how things go. (PR applications open early 2017.)

► WHERE: Colombo Theatre C (If catching 891 express from Central, get off at second stop on High St)
► WHEN: Wednesday 19/10/16 at 5PM
► WHAT: Come vote for your executive. It's also an awesome opportunity to have fun and mingle!



i. Introduction
ii. Treasurer Report 2016
iii. President Address 2016
iv. Election of Executive members
v. Closing Remarks

Please note that speeches are limited to 3 minutes.

Question time for the President, Internal Vice-President and External Vice-President is 20-30 minutes.

Secretary, Treasurer and Arc Delegate question time will be 10-15 minutes.



This is when we elect the new executives for the 2017 committee. The positions available are:

- President
- Internal Vice-President
- External Vice-President
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Arc Delegate

The significant part you all play in this is that you guys will be voting for them: the members of VSA will decide the people for their committee.

Following the formal proceedings of the AGM will be a meet and greet! We will proceed to the Whitehouse for some drinks and nibbles.

This is where we all get a chance to meet the newly elected executives (and the old!), meet other members and mingle with each other and share a few drinks and some yummy wedges!

As a tradition, the newly elected President will be shouting!


➊ So what is a committee executive?

Here's a brief explanation of each role:

+ President: The name speaks for itself. You overlook everything over VSA UNSW, you are its leader and everything that happens to VSA UNSW is your responsibility.

+ Internal Vice President: You maintain harmony within the committee, you are the gel of the committee and you overlook every VSA event in UNSW. You are the go-to person for the committee and our members.

+ External Vice President: You liaise and maintain relationships with other VSAs from other unis and you communicate with external parties. You are also responsible for the professionalism of VSA UNSW as you will deal with external bodies which may include: councils, businesses, and sponsors. You are also the representative of VSA UNSW at the VSA Inter-University level.

(It is advisable and preferable that candidates for President and Vice Presidents are existing or past committee members).

+ Secretary: The PA role, you are the point of contact for both the committee and the society. You are in charge of all documents and records. You are also in charge of progress in the committee--whereby it is important that you're aware of how each member is going with their respective tasks and chase people up on deadlines.

+ Treasurer: The person responsible for VSA’s finances. In Games of Thrones terms, you are the Master of the Coin (and you do not have to be a commerce student!).

+ Arc Delegate: You maintain the relationship between VSA and our student organisation Arc@UNSW. You attend Arc meetings and inform us of any changes or news. You ensure that VSA UNSW stays a club under Arc guidelines. You also overlook all events and make sure we are keeping to Arc requirements.

If you have any further questions, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or shoot us an email at unsw@vsansw.org.


Hope to see all your pretty faces there,