1 year ago

29 August, 2016

Civil Engineering 701

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Public speaking seems to be a skill that everyone wants to develop and refine, yet it's also an idea that makes most of us tremble.

Conquer the butterflies in your stomach by coming to our workshop facilitated by George Harada. George Harada is the vice-president of Toastmasters NSW, a branch of an international organisation dedicated to helping people improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills.

Develop skills that will make you indispensable both in your personal and professional life. Oral communication skills are among the most sought after, and they can help develop other useful skills including problem solving skills and leadership skills. No matter what path you initially choose, public speaking skills will open up a plethora of avenues for you.

Time: 2PM-3PM
Date: Monday 29th of August
Location: Civil Eng 701

Don't miss this opportunity and register your interest at: https://docs.google.com/a/aiesec.net/forms/d/1KK7rmGWgQskmJjtwdcgdo8o-B7ht_dq5euHqB9zwu3A/viewform?edit_requested=true

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The Personal Development Series is brought to you by our Outgoing Internship Team at AIESEC. At AIESEC, we strive to develop leadership within youth as we believe that youth leadership is the key to a better future.