1 year ago

15 September, 2016


Organised by:
UNSW Women In Engineering Society

Have you ever considered joining the UNSW Women in Engineering Executive Committee? Well, here is your chance to. Join us to build on the achievements, promote equal opportunities and creating a support network for young engineers in the engineering field.

The Executive Committee consists of the following roles:

- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Events Manager x 2*
- Public Relations Officer x 2*
- Arc Delegate
- External Relations Director
- Internal Relations Director

*Please note there are TWO positions each for the roles of Events Manager and Public Relations Officer.

We encourage BOTH male and female students, of all years and disciplines to apply.

Please be sure to read the document link below and understand the roles & responsibilities of the executive role you are nominating yourself for.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 11:59PM on the 7th of September 2016

All candidates are required to attend at 'Meet the Executives' BBQ on the 8th September. The AGM will be on the 12th-15th September.

You MUST be a UNSW WIE Society member to be voted into the WIE Executive Committee. You can also join at one of the events listed above.

For any enquiries please contact us directly via wieunsw@gmail.com.

Application Link Below: