1 year ago

17 August, 2016

UNSW Business School, G23

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Throughout high school, it wouldn't have been uncommon to spot the terms "quiet" and "reserved" on an introvert's report card, and no less uncommon to see the phrase "should speak up more often". While this seems to urge us to contribute more often, it is urging us to do so in a manner that we aren't necessarily comfortable with. As a result, we are left thinking that being who we truly are, and being successful, are polarising ends.

Yet there is so much more to success than to appear extroverted and bubbly and lively and social. When half the world's population identify as introverts, being introverted should not be considered unfavourable. Indeed, there is much to learn from an introvert's leadership style.

We would like to cordially invite everyone, both introverts and extroverts alike, to come to our event on Wednesday. Get an insight to the true meaning of introvert and watch as we tackle the common misconceptions of introverts. Then be inspired by introverted people who have stepped up to leadership positions and learn from their journey.

See how introverted leaders have a hidden and quiet strength that may not be so well known to others and get an insight to your own leadership style.

Refreshments provided!

Time: 1PM-2PM
Date: Wednesday the 17th of August
Location: The Place, ASB

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