1 year ago

18 August, 2016

Robin Hood Hotel

Organised by:
UNSW Law Society

Many students believe a career in the private law sector is purely about obtaining a clerkship - this is simply not the case. There are so many different avenues that passionate law students can take, and there is never a fixed path on which you must go. This Roundtable event will help clear up any misconceptions (the team is very chill and open) and hopefully instill confidence in you and where you can go.

The UNSW Law Society, in conjunction with Whittens & McKeough (Whittens) Lawyers, is excited to host a panel / round table discussion about pursing a career in the private law sector.

Whittens & McKeough is a Sydney law firm specialising in commercial law, M&A, capital markets, technology and online business, mining and resources, litigation, property, projects and planning law and employment law. Many of our staff are UNSW Alumni and have extensive experience in a wide range of roles in the private sector, and many are also former associates and tipstaves to Judges in the District, Supreme, Federal and High Court.

The evening will begin with a light networking session, followed by an illuminating panel discussion, followed by more networking with a range of staff from Whittens.

Topics to be discussed on the Panel
- Introduction to the different roles available in the private sector (In-House, Large firms, Boutique Firms etc)
- Pros & Cons of each different role
- How to apply to those places and when to apply
- Cover letter writing and interview tips
- Q&A
- Networking event

Food and drink will kindly be provided by Whittens!

Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/careers-in-the-private-law-sector-a-round-table-discussion-with-whittens-tickets-27119847193