1 year ago

9 August, 2016

Quadrangle, UNSW

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Do you ever find yourself expressing what is on your mind, but then end up being misunderstood? Or do you sometimes clash with certain personalities but are not sure why?

Ever thought of why this happens? It really starts with understanding your personality and leadership type. Come to our stall for a personality diagnosis before heading to our seminar where we break down how to effectively work in a team of mixed personality types. No matter what career you take on, knowing how to work in a team is always a must!

Be sure to register here to secure your place in our sessions at: https://goo.gl/forms/JkvY7mXCHxWfUDZ03

This event is the first instalment of our Personal Development Series brought to you by AIESEC's international internship team.
The Personal Development Events will run throughout the semester. Each event will help you come closer to yourself and understanding your potential. Furthermore, for each part of the Series that you attend you will have a great chance at winning some of our mystery prizes.

Date: Tuesday the 9th of August
Time: 10AM-4PM
Location: Quad lawn

How will this work?
- Come to the stall for a quick chat with our friendly members who will give you a personality diagnosis
- Head over to one of our 30 minute workshops on effective communication and managing differences in the workplace

Workshop 1: 2pm at Quad G040
Workshop 2: 3pm at Quad G042