1 year ago

8 August, 2016


Organised by:
Business Society UNSW

Launching soon is Bizzness Two, the second edition of the BSOC Magazine for 2016, the publication created by business students for business students!

Whether you’ve been travelling the world, catching up on your favourite TV shows, going on unforgettable road trips, or frantically catching pokemon we hope you’re all refreshed and ready for Semester Two! Irrespective of whether you’re a returning student seeking to resuscitate your WAM or a first-timer convinced you’re going to attend all your lectures, we have no doubt you’ll enjoy the rest of the year!

Bizzness Two 2016 will impart an eclectic collection of knowledge and wisdom encompassing everything from relevant industry-related insights to the unorthodox know-how needed for an enriching university life. Whatever you’re looking for, we've got you covered!

* How to be a Time Wizard: A Guide To Effective Time Management
* From Backstage To The Boardroom: A Hypothetical
* The Internet Of Things
* Tesla Motors & The Story of The Automotive Industry
* Experiences: Work/Life Balance in Korea

In addition to the latest edition of Bizzness Two, marvel at the new www.unswbsoc.com where we are pumping out riveting articles just for you! With a revamped design and awesome new ways to access BSOC content, the new website is sure to have you up-to-date on everything BSOC.

Tune in on 7pm, Monday 8th of August for Bizzness 2 and our new website!