2 years ago

27 January, 2016


Organised by:
Management Society

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Getting involved with something productive and enriching? Meeting new people? Start 2016 on a high note and build your network with like-minded and aspiring leaders at the MSOC Leadership Camp.

What does the MSOC Leadership camp involve?

A three-day action-packed program of personal development workshops and team activities tailored to help you develop strong leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Industry representatives and UNSW alumni will also be invited to join the camp, giving you the rare opportunity of spending lots of personal time with representatives. Rather than networking in suits and ties over mundane conversations, which never leaves a lasting impression, the camp will be an interactive and refreshing environment to allow you to not only reach out to industry representatives more comfortably, but also on a deeper level.


What can you gain from the camp?
• A great addition to your professional profile. We will be launching this program provided that it meets the AHEGS requirements and is formally recognised by the university.
• Presentation, powerpoint, excel/financials, and networking skills through relevant mini workshops and practice sessions
• Constructive feedback from representatives to help tackle areas for improvement. As there will be both personal development workshops as well as group tasks, personalised feedback will be given for both individual and team components
• The opportunity to meet and connect with a network of like-minded aspirational people
We highly encourage students from all degrees and year levels to attend!


Basic information:
Date: End of Week 1 (4th-6th March) or Week 2 (11th-13th March)
Cost: Approx. $200 pp (including food, accommodation and transport)
Location: TBA


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post on our wall, or contact us directly via email at [general@unswmsoc.com].

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