2 years ago

12 February, 2016


Organised by:
Management Society

O-Week 2016. Make your impact.

MSOC is recruiting! Apply to be in one of our O-Week Volunteers and help out the UNSW community. O-Week is one of the most memorable experiences for first year UNSW students, and you can help make a difference.

About MSOC: Founded in 2010, The UNSW Management Society is one the fastest growing Business societies at UNSW with over 2000 members. In 2015, we secured a record 1500 (please check figure) sign-ups at O-Week, a record we hope to break again this year! MSOC has also re-branded for 2016 with a new motto to "Building Tomorrow's Leaders". We recognise the importance of bridging the gap between university and the workforce. MSOC holds events and workshops that aim to develop our member's personal and professional development, as well as, equip us with the essential knowledge to be successful in the workplace. Sign up as a volunteer to be part of the journey.

As an O-Week volunteer, you will be
- Promoting the benefits of joining MSOC to new and returning students
- Develop your teamwork, leadership and marketing skills
- Meet and work with an interesting and passionate bunch of people
- Discover the rewards of being in the MSOC community

Applications close February 12 at 11:59pm!

To apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1B2-L8ppHFtSwUvgcxLRE71W2kq1iPshBkNBhjKmvSRg/viewform