3 years ago

29 August, 2015

Auburn Botanical Gardens

Organised by:
Nippon Students Association

Hi guys!! It's the time of the year again~
Time for cherry blossom viewing (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
As per usual, the hanami (flower viewing) will be at Auburn Botanic Gardens where we can all enjoy the views of the beautiful cherry blossoms as well as other beautiful flowers and scenery.

Location: Auburn Botanic Gardens
Time: 11am-4pm
Price: $5 admission to gardens (or FREE if you wear yukata or kimono~!ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ)

Other details: We will be meeting at Auburn station at 11am and make our way (via a free shuttle bus) together. If you have trouble getting to Auburn, please contact us!

Bring: a picnic blanket, food & snacks, camera, sunscreen and wear your yukata~ (⁎❝ົཽω❝ົཽ⁎)✧

Food and snacks are not allowed to be consumed inside the cherry blossoms area however we will be able to have our picnic outside on a grass area

Our friends from AnimeUNSW will be there too so see you there (눈‿눈✿)