2 years ago

8 March, 2016

UNSW Library Walkway

Organised by:
Nippon Students Association

Hi everyone!

Friday, March 11, is the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake that devastated the Tohoku region of Japan. This year is a special year as it marks the 5th anniversary. Even though 5 years have passed, there are still areas that are undergoing reconstruction - physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We'll be holding the Big Bento event once again this year in memory and support of those affected by the disaster.

WHEN: 8 March (Tue) 11am-2pm
WHERE: Outside Main Library

Bento Boxes:
$10 Chicken Teriyaki (small), Chirashi Sushi
$12 Vegetarian
$15 Chicken Teriyaki (large), Curry Chicken, Chicken Katsu

Come show your support by buying a traditional Japanese bento box lunch!

Last year's successful Big Bento event saw us raising $693.40 towards the Playground of Hope, a charity that builds community play areas for children in areas affected by the disaster. This year we aim to exceed that amount!

We'll have bento lunch boxes available in 6 different types for you to choose! Come drop by and grab a bento box! All proceeds this year will go towards the ‘Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund’, a charity that aims to financially assist families, students and schools in the Ishinomaki region of Japan so that they can rebuild their community.

For more information about the cause, please check out www.victassa.jetaa.org.au/big-bento-lunch/




日時: 3月8日 (火) 11時~14時
場所: メイン図書館前

$10 照り焼きチキン(小)、ちらし寿司
$12 ベジタリアン
$15 照り焼きチキン(大)、チキンカレー、チキンカツ