3 years ago

13 May, 2015


Organised by:
NSW Ski and Board Club

Hey Newski! It's time again for our annual pub crawl: a magical night consisting of an adventurous stroll around our beautiful city, starting at the Roundhouse and ending up in a pie face somewhere near central.

Sticking to the theme of mixing it up, this year we're opening the crawl up to all newski! Bring yo friends, bring yo (over 18) family! Newski loves all!

The deets:
- Wednesday May 13th 5pm.
- The route:
- 5pm: Roundhouse (Leave about 7pm)
- 7:30pm: Crown Hotel
- 8:30pm: Clock Hotel
- 9:30pm: Forresters
- 10:30pm: ScuBar
- Bonus: 4pm: Whitehouse.

For those of you with the main group, meet up with use at the Roundhouse and we'll all travel as a group by bus to Surrey Hills via a 393.

If you're running a bit late, the easiest bus for Clock hotel and Forresters is a 391 from uni. There are also a few that leave from the city near town hall if you're coming from that Direction.

Remember, this is a mandatory event for all 2015 trippers, and a no-attendance is very heavily regretted on trip. You have been warned.